*Theme from People's Court plays*

On the accusations of calling a DehFurher of the server "gay" and on the grounds of grief. Judge Harm, also know as _BjorN64_ looked over the trial as the Defendant, MohammedHussain was frozen and muted repeatedly during the trial. Admitting to be homophobic, saying that he "hates fags," it still wasn't enough as he was released thanks to his Lawyer, Comrade Ghost (An SC).

He was sentenced to 1.5 hours in jail but time was cut short as he was eventually banned by TheSt0ryTeller (An SS Officer). Unbanned by another Administrator, he signed in as an Alternate account, known as TheJewishHitler though they discovered that TJH's IP matched Mohammed's. Insults went around the Server and once again, his account was banned, being asked to return as Mohammed. Finally returning, the fight continued as the trolling went back and fourth, eventually, he left the server.

So if you see this user, alert an Admin. Don't let him get away.

--Teller Words, On my Screen :O 04:11, May 5, 2012 (UTC)