Competition Notice in City

Probuild 24/7 Freebuild will be holding a special Builders Contest in City!

The contest is simple: Play and earn a City zone, then make a fantastic build on it, that beats all the others.

If your build is voted as the best, then you will be given a minecraft giftcode via email! (provie email upon winning competition to OfficerFlake.)


  • Player must have a minimum of 30 hours to redeem.
  • Player must have a valid and current zone permit.
  • Player must build entire project by themselves, without any help from anyone else. NO TEAM BUILDS.
  • Player must not use cuboid to build. This will be checked via BlockDB. In the even BlockDB is unavailable, If the build is suspected of using cuboid, the build will be rejected. /Paint is okay, as is all other commands that Citizens have the access to use (this rule is for fairness only)
  • SS_Officer+ are allowed to use AdminCrete in their builds, as it only serves a cosmetic purpose anyway.
  • Player is free to use the giftcode as they wish: Buy a premium account for the account that earned it, for another account, sell/give away... etc.
  • Bribery or attempt to sway voting power will result in the user being removed from the competition, as well as their zone being cleared and declared vacant.
  • This competition is given under the circumstance that the price of a Minecraft Gift Code remains under $50AU. In the highly unlikely event that Notch/Mojang increases this price, the competition will be closed.
  • There is no secondary, supplimentary or consolodation prize. Don't ask.
  • The winning player must claim the prize within 24hours of announcing if not online at the time of drawing, otherwise, the prize will be given to 2nd place, and so on.
  • These rules are subject to change at anytime for whatever reason.
  • Rule changes will be posted on the City Notice Board in City. This is not garunteed though.
  • OfficerFlake has the final say in the competition. It's his money that's paying for it, after all.
  • SS_Officers+ Are encouraged to be online for the drawing, to vote on a winner. You can NOT vote for yourselves. Voting will be done via call response by OfficerFlake in /staff chat.
  • You only get one vote, if you are a high enough rank TO vote.
  • The Voting period will be one hour.
  • Upon drawing, if an unsuccessful player complains or is otherwise unsportsman like in conduct, their zone will be cleared and declared vacant.
  • OfficerFlake will NOT be participating. Don't stress your tits!
  • Once again, OfficerFlake has the right to change any rule, add or remove, or completely change, at any time, for no reason.
  • OfficerFlake reserves the right to cancel the competition for any reason (not likely though!)