These are the ranks of the server. Visit each ranks page for more detail about the particular rank.


NewPlayer is the default rank you recieve upon entering the server. This rank has basic permissions.


AverageJoe is the second rank in the server. This rank requires a moderately good build.


Constructor is the third rank in the server. This rank allows access to water and lava.


Citizen is the fourth rank on the server. This rank allows you to access most of the worlds.


Trainee is a beginner staff position. You earn this by being very dedicated to the server and by gaining our trust.


SS_Officer is the first staffing position of the server. Do not expect to get this rank easily.


RetiredVet is a rank earned once an OverWatch or higher ranking admin retires from the server.


Overwatch is the second staffing rank. This rank can only be given by the server owner.


Donator rank is achieved by donating $5 at the website.


SupremeCommander is the second last staffing ranks. This rank can only be given by the server owner, through great dedication.


Hero rank is achieved by donating $50 at the website. You do not have to be a Donator before coming a Hero.


DerFuhrer is the hardest rank to achieve. Takes extreme dedication and loyalty to the server and be loved and trusted by all the head admins.

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