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Welcome to the Probuild 24/7 FREEBUILD Wiki

Probuild Freebuild is a 24/7 server on Minecraft classic which is owned by the user Facepalmed. The ranks consist of: NewPlayer, AverageJoe, Constructor, Citizen, Trainee, SS_Officer, Overwatch, Donater, SupremeCommander, Hero, and DerFuhrer.


Fuhrers2jul12 0000 Layer-1Fuhrers2jul12 0001 Layer-2Fuhrers2jul12 0002 Layer-3Fuhrers2jul12 0003 Layer-0


There are currently 3 DerFuhrer's.

  • Facepalmed (Owner)
  • 123DontMessWitMe
  • TheSt0ryTeller


There are currently 2 Hero's.

  • fatguy4000
  • roor1001


There are currently 3 SupremeCommander's.

  • Joshfobable
  • LilMissD
  • moox10


There are currently 2 Overwatch's.

  • hpeet
  • trollercono


There are currently 3 SS_Officer's:

  • CallMeCrox
  • slomar122


There is currently 1 Trainee:

  • Rapshor

Citizen: 364 players

Constructor: 577 players

AverageJoe: 2594 players

NewPlayer: 226527 players

NOTICE: To fix the main page component, you need to edit the main page. Just edit it, make a random message, then edit again and remove it. Stupid, I know, but it needs to be done!

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