• Lyceum514

    An Excuse.

    July 10, 2012 by Lyceum514

    A couple nights ago. My dad got drunk, he threw a cup at my mom, it hit her foot, he was about to hit her with a golf club chair. I went in there and really loudly yelled "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!". Then he left and (skiping to the present) as of right now, he called the cops and said that my mother, was smoking weed with me. I freaking hate him, all of my friends know that I would never do that, right? I hope you guys understand. I hope you guys understand (I accedentily pressed the wrong button and know it's Ittiliac or however you spell it.). Mind if I take a few days off? I'm also moving in with my sister (a 2 floor house) in a week, and hopefully I'll have Internet. I have all this stress going on, so I really need this few weeks/days off. I kn…

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    Heya people. This is the 'Crat Teller here just wishing the SS Officer Waterfair a Happy Birthday. Truth be told, I'm not sure if it's today or not but when it is. This'll be here. Happy Birthday Water.

    From - The Members of the Probuild Community

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  • Zayllara

    wikia ideas! :D

    June 17, 2012 by Zayllara

    In this blog i will post links and ideas to help to wikia become more exciting.

    an i idea Link

    a nice layed out wikia that i aim to make our wikia look like. link

    A lot of good tutorials link

    look at the Advanced part link

    Our navigation is a bit messy, here is a tip link

    More tips.. link

    Tips, link

    Common mistakes here? link

    thanks for looking :)

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  • Lyceum514

    Meh. Internets crap.

    June 17, 2012 by Lyceum514

    This is an excuse for my absence.

    St0ry, mah best friend ;_;

    Please, excuse this for me. Or the first person who see's this. I live at Budget Budget Suites, and the Internet is crap here. On FireFox, I usually get the "Problem loading page" site, or on IE, I get: "Unable to connect to the Internet" or whatever.

    Thank you, Maner22.

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  • Zayllara

    Recent suggestions:

    June 15, 2012 by Zayllara

    Some recent suggestions made by players:

    Rank suggestions

    • Add rank trainee
    • Re-name SS_Officer to Officer
    • Re-name EliteDonator to Helper
    • Re-name SupremeDonator to Hero
    • Re-colour Donator to yellow
    • Re-colour Elitedonator to olive
    • Re-colour SupremeDonator to purple

    World Suggestions:

    • Add NewPlayer world
    • Add Average_Joe world
    • Add Constructor world
    • Add citizen world

    Not all these suggestions are mine, These are all the suggestions i have collected over time.

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  • TheSt0ryTeller

    G'day person of Probuild 24/7 FreeBuild, this is 'Crat Teller just here to tell you of some changes we've initiated.

    To those unaware, this was a feature currently active on Uncharted Wiki, the Sly Cooper Wiki and some other wikis, that transforms the old talk page system into a new Facebook-like messaging system, complete with notifications. An example of the interface can be seen here.

    Yes, this Wiki has its own chat now. Just click Here to enter. So keep an eye out for that. Discuss and such.

    Wikia even has a "ranking sort of system" known as badges which measures editing and such. So keep on the look out for that. Anyone found "badge-hunting" will be banned for 1 week.

    --Teller Words, On my Screen :O 12:02, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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  • OfficerFlake

    Probuild 24/7 Freebuild will be holding a special Builders Contest in City!

    The contest is simple: Play and earn a City zone, then make a fantastic build on it, that beats all the others.

    If your build is voted as the best, then you will be given a minecraft giftcode via email! (provie email upon winning competition to OfficerFlake.)


    • Player must have a minimum of 30 hours to redeem.
    • Player must have a valid and current zone permit.
    • Player must build entire project by themselves, without any help from anyone else. NO TEAM BUILDS.
    • Player must not use cuboid to build. This will be checked via BlockDB. In the even BlockDB is unavailable, If the build is suspected of using cuboid, the build will be rejected. /Paint is okay, as is all other comm…

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  • Zayllara

    All alone.

    Fixing grief

    Telling off griefers

    if you are there admin i'm sending out an SOS D:

    SAVE ME :(

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  • TheSt0ryTeller
    ]] 04:11, May 5, 2012 (UTC)
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